For us, the passion of software
development is something else!

In 22 countries, thousands of corporate users rely on Odeon Technology software. We take comprehensive care of software project cost management from initial investment to project completion. With our standard processes, we make high performance and low cost an important part of our enterprise software that handles all end-to-end business processes.

Our sales channels and e-commerce platforms, which are the gateway of our enterprise software to the outside world, mediate tens of thousands of secure transactions per second, affecting thousands of people every day. At Odeon Technology, enterprise software does not mean outdated software!

Thanks to our innovative approach, we develop our products using the latest and most efficient proven technologies. We do not compromise on quality thanks to our dynamic, scalable and high-performance infrastructure.

Mobile solutions are first-class members in all software ecosystems developed by Odeon Technology. Thousands of businesses and individuals in 22 countries rely on our products for millions of transactions every day.

Our fast, attention-grabbing, native or hybrid mobile products work in unmatched harmony with the Odeon Technology ecosystem or external systems.

We develop unique mobile applications for our internal or external clients using state-of-the-art processes and technologies from prototyping to go-live.

You can't manage what you can't measure. Our business intelligence solutions, which are the primary knowledge repository of enterprise software ecosystems, go one step further. We add value to your company's information systems with our solutions that not only report or measure, but also point out missing information and predict the future.

We bring our experience in collecting, combining, cleansing, collating, processing and reporting structured or unstructured data in various formats from different locations to the heart of corporate life in terms of efficiency and profitability.

At Odeon Technology, we bring together the most suitable technology and the most experienced consulting services for processing Big Data in terms of volume, velocity and variety. Do you want to take bold and revolutionary steps towards the future by processing this data? Take a look at our section on Artificial Intelligence.

We have a team of experts managing hardware and software systems running on-site, on private cloud, hybrid cloud or public cloud providers, in addition to international network connections for offices with hundreds of employees in 22 countries. In addition to server-side services such as proactive resource management, active capacity monitoring, data security audits and penetration testing, we offer many services from a single source, in particular monitoring the immediate user activities of tens of thousands of people with artificial intelligence without compromising data security.

From database management to cloud migrations, we offer the experience of Odeon Technology to our customer backed up by the philosophy of 24/7 accessibility for both custom and turnkey corporate projects.

We offer our proven DevOps strategies that provide sustainability and quality to the digital transformation processes of our customers. Thanks to the years of optimization due to Odeon Technology's accumulated experience in software serving tens of thousands of users in 22 countries, we successfully implement scalable and rapid DevOps strategies into local or cloud environments.

At Odeon Technology, we use the most suitable technology and tools for each task. We integrate these technologies and tools into DevOps processes in the most effective way and incorporate them swiftly into quality assurance, test automation and deployment processes in the most harmonious and efficient way. We see our outstanding, focused, side-by-side teamwork of development and operations teams as the greatest pillar of our success. At Odeon Technology, DevOps is a crucial part of the agile software processes.

We are here to bring quality, speed, reliability and security to your software life-cycle with our industry-standard processes and state-of-the-art technology.

UX Design contributes to product development by asking questions such as “Why, What and How” and seeking answers. In this process, as Odeon Technology, we follow some methods and strive to reach the most perfect product.

We observe the product/service usage processes in daily life to understand the needs and behaviors of users, and we analyze to understand and compare how one product performs in contrast to another.

We visualize the customer journey (CJM) and customer needs together and determine the roadmap of the product.

We create the wireframes that allow us to create the main structure and then the parts of the project layout and facilitate our design process.

We try to understand user types and requests, and conduct tests with end users in order to determine the features of the product according to the needs of the end user.

If a task can be automated, why do it manually? With Robotic Process Automation, you can save time and resources from day one, direct your employees to more productive tasks, and increase employee satisfaction.

With our platform-independent RPA experts, we take a close look at your processes and identify the necessary optimization and automation opportunities. We then work with business units to optimize these processes in the best possible way.

Odeon Technology's robots automatically scan, read, process and check hundreds of thousands of proformas, invoices, passports, official documents and many other document types every day.

They search web pages created for humans, collect information, operate decision-making mechanisms and report the results. Benefit from the industrial experience that Odeon Technology's robots have accumulated over the last decade on the road to better quality, more error-free and high customer satisfaction.

We provide corporate optimization solutions that minimize the manpower required in the planning process, thus saving time and costs. At Odeon Technology, artificial intelligence is not the technology of the future, but of today.

The artificial intelligence models we offer our clients according to their needs provide solutions to many operational and strategic problems, including issues they are not yet aware of.

Let the field-tested experience of Odeon Technology's strong artificial intelligence team help you shape the future using models that are fully compliant with ethical, regulatory, and data privacy requirements.

With our expert teams that apply ITIL and ITSM practices at the most mature level, we provide 7x24 support for more than 30 applications and 4000+ users.

We offer reactive and proactive solutions by continuously monitoring all our services and infrastructure. With an uninterrupted service approach, we identify and resolve problems before they occur.

With a service management approach, we regularly measure the support services we provide and adhere to the principles of continuous service improvement in order to get better.

Our experienced teams who monitor, manage, predict and take precautions are always ready to ensure that our services reach you in the best quality.